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Google Is Discontinuing Google+ Hangouts On Air: What You Need To Know

Amelie Mettenheimer,, Events Producer, Retreat Producer, Business Strategist


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On August 15th, it was quietly announced that Google is discontinuing Google Hangouts On Air come September 12th.

Before you freak out about this because you use Google Hangouts for your interviews or webinars you should know that although Google+ Hangouts is being discontinued the service is not.

They are now integrating it and rebranding as YouTube Live.

What does this mean?

Although Google is discontinuing Google Hangouts On Air and you will no longer be able to initiate ‘Hangouts on Air' via Google+, you will be able to start your Live Events via YouTube Live.

To use Hangouts on Air with YouTube Live, follow these steps:

  1. Go over to YouTube and click on your profile picture on the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click on the Creator Studio button.
  3. Select ‘Live Streaming' on the left-hand side. (The first time you navigate over here you will be asked to accept new terms and conditions confirming that you hold all the rights to the content you mean stream.)

If you want to go live right away:

  1. Scroll down a little bit and under ‘Basic Info' enter the details of your session (title, description, tags, as well as the length of the broadcast).
  2. Choose how you want your session to be broadcast – public, unlisted, private.
  3. Select the blue ‘go live now' button on the right-hand side.
  4. Under advanced settings, you can enable / disable the chat, embed options, promotions, statistics, comments, delay.

If you want to schedule a session (for a webinar or group call, for example):

  1. Scroll down a little bit and under ‘Basic Info' you can choose whether you want to go online right away or ‘schedule an event'.
  2. If you want to schedule a session, select that option in the ‘basic info' tab.
  3. Enter a title, description, time of the event, tags, and select whether it will be unlisted, public or private.
  4. Select ‘create event' on the right-hand side and you're good to go. (Under Advanced settings you can change more details about your broadcast).

What does this mean for my software that uses Hangouts, like WebinarJam, WebinarAlly, EasyWebinar, etc?

Each system should send you and email or check their FAQ section. Most services have already switched over to YouTube Live some time ago. If you are not sure, pleasure check with them directly. WebinarJam for example, has already switched. They only require you to change one setting and you're ready to do. Other services will be doing the same if they have not done it yet.

What do I do now?

Should you have any events scheduled for after September 12th I would suggest post-poning them by a day. Double check that you have switched all your links to YouTube Live otherwise your audience won't be able to connect with will need to move those over to YouTube Live or you will not be able to use those links and events

Update any links or workflows that you have set up for yourself or any team members.

Go and check out YouTube Live and the settings now, so that when you actually want to use it you know what you're doing and not just poking around.

If you are using Hangouts on Air through another service such as EasyWebinar, Webinar Jam or another, check their support files for any details on their exact procedure that service requires.

In the end it isn't as bad as it sounds, as business owners we are always kept on our toes because services do change and often without warning. So don't panic, or go into overwhelm it's really not that bad.

Should you have specific questions or want to know more, feel free to schedule a call with me and we can discuss your options.

Amelie xo